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The tomato juice is much better in altitude

The German Lufthansa airline company was wondering why the tomato juice is the drink the most inquired aboard its planes. 
That’s why, Lufthansa asked for a study to scientists of the Institute of physical appearance, IBP of Holzkirchen (Germany).


By recreating the conditions of flight of an Airbus A310, with hundreds volunteers in a simulator, the results have shown that the taste is different in altitude.


It is the perception of the taste that would be modified by the conditions of atmospheric pressure. The receivers for the salt, the sugar and the aromas of tomato would be more sensitive because of the pressure reduced in the cabin. The research also proved that dishes are also loosing their flavour in altitude.


Airline companies can thus plan important stocks, and the producers of rising sales constant bound to the increasing increase of the number of air travellers.


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Source:    09:45:10|15/03/2010