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The production of tomatoes will be stable in France but in decline in Spain

Fepex, the Spanish federation of the exporting producers of fruits and vegetables, indicates the French and Spanish forecasts of production of tomatoes.

The group of Spanish-French contact of tomato is one of the work group formed by the mixed Committee on Fruits and Vegetables, created in 1997 by an agreement between the French and Spanish governments.
The group consisted of producers of France and Spain, and representatives of the governments of the two countries, met in Paris and plans for the next campaign a stable production in France but in decline in Spain.
All the participants underlined that the current mechanisms of management of the crises are insufficient to resolve the problems and that it is imperative to set up a fundamental reform.
The Spanish representation included :
 -the president of the Committee and the representative FEPEX tomato Proexport (Murcia), José Hernández
- representatives of associations situated in important zones of production: Andalusia ( COEXPHAL), Murcia ( Proexport) the Canarian Islands (Fedex and Aceto) and Valencia ( Fexphal), And also José Maria Pozancos.   

Source:    09:14:00|17/02/2010