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Norways tomato consumption booming

Last year, Norway consumed 34,000 tons of tomatoes, that is 13,000 tons more than one decade ago.

The number of tomato varieties has increased tenfold: from 3 to 33 now.

According to official estimates, each Norwegian consumes an average of 7 kg a year of tomatoes, making this vegetable the most consumed in the country along with carrots.

The offer of tomato varieties in Norway has increased tenfold in the last decade: in a few years it has grown from three to 33 varieties.

According to the Bama Gruppen (BAMA), a leading distributor of fruit and vegetables in the Scandinavian country, this increase has been possible thanks to production systems' improvements and the development of new cultivation techniques.

Besides studying new varieties, reports, Norway has also succeeded in significantly prolonging tomatoes' shelf life.

Source:    10:04:04|02/12/2009