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export Fruits And vegetables

After building strong relationships with our worldwide customer base by always supplying top quality potatoes, it was a natural progression that some clients started to ask us for other vegetables, such as onions, carrots, cabbage and even some fruit, such as apples and pears.

We had know-how and experience in the potato export market but we needed to and did answer these new requests from our customers for a larger and more diverse product portfolio.

Using our vast supplier and grower base, we began growing and purchasing these fruit and vegetables directly at the source.

‘Service is the differncee’

We visited growers and soon we had built up a network of producers able to deliver us top quality products suitable for export. We then started exporting top quality onions, carrots, cabbage, apples and pears plus other fruit and vegetables, which clients sometimes specifically request.

By enlarging our product portfolio, we have been able to deliver the goods that our clients request and with a service, which is the difference between us and other suppliers.

Today, beside potatoes, we can offer the products listed below:

chou Onions

  • • Yellow or Red Onions
  • • Sizes available: 40-60 mm, 50-70 mm, 60-80 mm
  • • Packaging: Big Bag, 25 Kg poly net bags, 25 Kg Branded poly net bags, 10 Kg poly net bags.

carottes Carotts

  • • Top quality washed Carrots.
  • • Sizes available: 28-40 mm or 40 mm+
  • • Packaging: 10 Kg plastic bags or Big Bags

oignons Cabbage

  • • White or Red Cabbage
  • • Sizes available: 8-9 pieces/25 Kg bag, 9-10 pieces/25 Kg bag or 10-12 pieces/25 Kg bag
  • • Packaging: 40, 45 or 50 bags x 25 kg per carton box


  • •Conférence - Doyenné du Comice - Durondeau
  • • Sizes from 50-60 until 80-90
  • • Packaging : 12 Kg wood boxes, other.


  • •Jonagold - Jonagored - Gala – Golden
  • • Sizes from 50-60 until 80-90
  • • Packaging : 8-9 Kg wood boxes, 12 Kg wood boxes,

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